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***SUBMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED*** as of October 17th, 2020. I will be reopening them sometime in the near future. To contact me, please use the form below. I am currently accepting new review requests. Please provide me with your name, name of the artist, email, a link to your music (Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube) the genre that best describes your music, and a quick message!

How Do I Review Music?

I only review full-length albums or extended plays. I will not review singles. If I do not deem an album to be at least of a three star quality out of a possible five stars I will not review it. That said, I do not include an actual rating in my reviews. Instead, I opt to recommend music to people who might enjoy it. I also attribute a color profile to each album since I hear color (I’m a synesthete) whenever I listen to music.


Hello! My name is Nikoletta Winters. Welcome to my webzine.

Love Across Lightyears is a webzine dedicated to dark and nostalgic electronic music. This includes but is not limited to genres like Synthwave, Minimal Wave, Darkwave, Dark Synth, etc.

I love music. In particular, darker, more heavy genres. But really, let’s be honest, I’ll listen to anything if it sounds good and has a sick beat. I have been in the music business professionally for eighteen years. I studied Postmodernism at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I really hate “good” movies and really love bad ones, especially if they have Robert Z’Dar in them.