Cassetter – The Fugitive (2019)

Cassetter is the brainchild of Polish producer Mateusz Wajs. His debut album, “The Fugitive” features ten tracks and four remixes of postmodern Synthwave. I really dig the aesthetic of this release. The cover artwork is electric and purple. It features a silhouetted figure standing on a stairway leading up to futuristic looking play/pause above a neon-soaked city.

“The Fugitive” has a concise low end throughout that is frequently sidechained to the kick. This creates a pulsing vacuum effect/illusion that’s all the rage right now in the age of the DAW. This leaves plenty of “air” and space up in the higher frequencies allowing Cassetter to create a atmosphere with saw leads, ping-pong arpeggios, noise sweeps, and various other spacey sounding pads.

If you’re into the futuristic Synthwave vibe, I’m confident that you’re going to enjoy this one. “The Fugitive” is like one continuous song that refuses to let up. Its best moments are found in the catchy “Chased by the Hammerhead Robot,” the almost Eurythmics sounding lead in “Drive through the Night,” the bassy “Neon Towers 2,” and “Eyes with a Soul” which features the always amazing Megan McDuffee. Overall, “The Fugitive” is accessible, something worth dancing to, and an easy listen. I think it’s worth checking out.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Synthwave-heads looking for a solid album to add to their playlists, people who like to dancing to heart-pounding bass-driven rhythms.

Stand-out tracks: “Chased by the Hammerhead Robot,” “Drive through the Night,” “Neon Towers 2,” and “Eyes with a Soul” (feat. Megan McDuffee & Time Travel)

Album Color Profile: #4A148C

You can find all things Cassetter at

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