Neuron Spectre – The Sadist (2020)

The first time I encountered Neuron Spectre was at a Perturbator gig in Tempe, AZ at Club Red in 2018. He hit the stage in a ghoulish white mask and jammed for a little over half an hour. I fucking loved it. I felt like the two groups who went on afterwards should’ve opened for him.

I saw Neuron Spectre live a second time at another Perturbator show some six months later. That night he played some untitled tunes. But they were distinctive enough that I was able to pick them out the first time I listened to his new album entitled “The Sadist.”

In case you’re wondering these songs were: “Prelude to Insanity,” “Beasts at Your Door,” and “The Lambs Expire.”

“The Sadist” is an album that fits into the B-horror flick aesthetic. Sound-wise it’s like a postmodern interpretation early John Carpenter. There’s almost always a booming bass section, a lot of pipe organs, and an electronic mesh of symphonic sounding strings. Strands of metal creep in here and there—especially in the drum programming. It’s unsettling to hear frantic rapid fire snare blasts intersecting with 1980s style horrorsynth.

Neuron Spectre isn’t a producer who stays in his comfort zone. He likes to take risks. This often results in badass tempo changes that shift the music off one continuous theme within ONE song. He really likes to mix it up. The best example of this type of exploration can be heard in “After the Infinities of Chaos,” “Horror into Eternity,” and the title track “The Sadist.” Neuron Spectre also delivers moments of intense focus that reach its apex in “The Return Gaze of the Abyss.” Of any track on the album I feel that this one would be a good pick for a single as it showcases everything he’s capable of doing.

“The Sadist” does what every good horrorsynth project should strive for—to sound dangerous. There is a lot of passion and heart to this release that really appeals to my dark side. It’s certainly worth checking out if you’re into B-horror soundtracks, slasher flicks, etc.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Lovers of all things horror, darksynth fans, and girls or boys (and everyone in between) who just love a tall dark man in an evil looking mask.

Stand-out tracks: I loved every track on this album but “The Return Gaze of the Abyss,” “Beasts at your Door,” and “The Lambs Expire” were the most memorable to me.

Album Color Profile: #003300

You can find all things Neuron Spectre at:

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