Alex Vecchietti – The Good Fight (2020)

Alex Vecchietti is a synthwave producer from Palermo, Italy. He is also a co-founder of RetroReverbRecords which features a rather eclectic mix of synthwave/darksynth artists. In a word, the man is BUSY. It’s no easy task to help manage a record label, maintain a presence on social media, and produce music. Somehow though he still pulls it off.

“The Good Fight” is Mr. Vecchietti’s debut album and came out in late January after the release of two singles, the first being “Child” in November 2019, followed by “Mystery of Faith.” Production wise, the album is quite listenable. I think a lot of care was made in the mixing process to make the album accessible to everyone. The song structures here are solid too, and follow the basic intro, verse, prechorus, chorus strategy that really works for this kind of music. The thing I like the most about the production quality here is that there’s never more than four or five different elements of music going on at once. This provides a fair amount of clarity which trades atmosphere found in traditional 1980s styled synthwave releases for a concise and modern sound.

Mix wise there’s a lot of good use of stereo panning that gives “The Good Fight” just enough space to make it feel three dimensional. Alex tends to prefer mixing his guitars or pads offset (roughly 80%) to the left or right while keeping the kick and snare centered with the low end. Speaking of which, I quite like the low end on “The Good Fight.” It is very similar to something you might find on a darksynth album. I think that this album was EQed to highlight the lows in an effort to allow Alex’s double tracked (or ADTed) vocals to clearly cut through the mix. My only real complaint with the mix lies in the lack sibilance and transients in Alex’s voice. They are EQed, compressed and/or cut REALLY hard in the 7kHz-9kHz range. This takes some of the energy away from his performance, and is distracting to me at times. That said, I think that his vocals are still enjoyable thanks to a hefty amount of reverb being sent back into the mix. Generally though, working with double tracked vocals can be difficult, especially with tenors like Alex, so I understand why the vocals were handled in this way.

Lyrically, I do have to note that this is definitely not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. Many of the songs on this album lean very heavily on a Christian/devotional theme. That said, I think that it works for what Alex is doing on “The Good Fight.” He’s certainly passionate about what he’s doing. It’s just a matter of whether or not this type of thing appeals to you. Personally speaking, I am definitely NOT the target audience for this type of music, but I think there are people out there who will really enjoy this.

RECOMMENDED FOR: People who like well-produced modern Synthwave and Christian devotional music combined together.

Stand-Out Tracks: “Live the Light” (this is the catchiest song on the album), Neon Town (feat. Kumiko25),” “Falling into Eternity.”

Album Color Profile: #FF1744

You can find everything Alex Vecchietti at

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