Cat Temper – Feralyzed

Cat Temper is a Synthwave project by producer Mike Langlie from Boston, Massachusetts (GO BRUINS!!!). He’s been involved with various music scenes over the years ranging from the gothic and heavy, to the strange and unusual. His most well-known project, Twink the Toy Piano Band features music that uses toy instruments to create soundtracks for a cartoon from another more—pink dimension. Anyway, Langlie’s muse has changed over the last few years. His focus has shifted from a project who’s main aesthetic featured a cute bunny rabbit to darker project featuring the often domesticated apex predator—cats.

Cat Temper’s latest album “Feralyzed” returns with a solid tracklist of catchy, aptly titled cat tunes such as “Ace of Spays,” “Big Kitty Nights,” and “Careless Whisker.” Featuring the visual stylings by the wonderful Quinnzel Kills, the cover features a cat-woman with a perm amidst a neon-infused color scheme that comes straight out of the 1980s.

“Feralyzed” is entirely instrumental, and while it has a slight synthwave flavor to it, I feel that it can also exist on it’s own two legs without pinning it down to one genre of electronic music. “Feralyzed” is like listening to music that would be in an 80s action movie, rather than something you would hear at the end of “The Breakfast Club.” This idea really shines through in “Ace of Spays” balancing a breathy high end with banging drums and a distinctive heavy bass tone that just yells Amir Shervan and Alan DerMarderosian. At times the album is upbeat and whimsical in an Oingo Boingo sort of way (”Baskitt Case” serves as a good example) but for the most part “Feralyzed” is oddly harsh, dark, and heavy. There are spacey driven textures in songs like “Careless Whisker,” “The Unfurgiven,” and “Bad Cattitude.” There are also quite a few ties to traditional EDM rhythms that stand out in tracks like “When Puss Comes to Shove.” It’s pretty clear to me that Langlie is on the precipice of evolving Cat Temper’s sound. Into what exactly, I’m not entirely sure. But if it sounds anything like the tone he was going for with “The Unfurgiven” it’ll be interesting to see where he takes it. Overall, “Feralyzed” is a logical continuation to Cat Temper’s “Something Whiskered this Way Comes” (2019). I’ve spun it a dozen times since its release. My cats really seem to like it too.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Synth-warriors of all makes and models and their fuzzy feline companions.

Stand-out tracks: “The Unfurgiven,” “Baskitt Case” (aka the best track on the album), “Ace of Spays,” “Bad Cattitude,” and “Careless Whisker”

Album Color Profile: #6C3483

You can find all things Cat Temper at

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